Tranco Logistic Services, an asset based, family-owned, and third party logistics providers (3PL). Tranco Logistics provides a host of logistics management services and supply chain solutions. Such as, warehouse management, transportation management and sequencing. As a third party logistics company we manage facilities for the pharmaceutical, automotive, food, textile, along with many others. Tranco Transportation Services fits a business’s need for competent and comprehensive shipping needs on a large scale, or small.

Let Tranco Logistics be your outsourced fleet. By utilizing our Dedicated services, you eliminate the risk and liability that is inherent when operating your own assets, and get steady capacity, predictable costs and an optimized distribution network in return.

Reduce your transportation costs

We listen carefully to your needs, trying to find the most cost-effective method of shipping your freight. We can optimize your transportation program with logistics engineering support, help with carrier management, provide on-site management, or even help convert your current private fleet.

For customers interested in private fleet conversion, we can help take assets off your balance sheet, leveraging our design capability to lower transportation costs. We also help decrease costs associated with assets because Tranco enjoys volume-purchasing discounts for items such as fuel, equipment and insurance.


Are you looking for warehousing to increase your distribution capabilities in one of Tennessee’s fastest growing cities? You have found us. With over 1 million square feet of space, you can find a trusted partner with Tranco Warehousing. Please contact us today to find out more about our facilities and services.


Tranco Logistics offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and a proven track record of logistics and transportation solutions. Our professional staff will work with you to streamline your supply chain operation. We offer a broad range of innovative logistics management services. Tranco Logistics backs its products with the equipment, facilities, systems, processes and service that make our capabilities second to none.

We operate a full service brokerage division that covers loads throughout North America. We maintain relationships with highly-regarded carriers representing all modes of transportation. This extensive network allows us to provide quality service at competitive rates. The brokerage team handles all of the duties required with shipping product. In addition, Tranco assumes full responsibility for paying carriers and resolving any issues that may arise during transit.

We offer a wide variety of delivery, transportation, and logistic services. Whether you have a single carton or a full truckload, we can arrange for your shipment to be delivered on time. Our fast response time will provide the service you need for critical shipments that have no margin for error.


Tranco Logistics serves Chattanooga and beyond by maintaining a comprehensive logistics and warehousing operation locally. Tranco Logistics offers an experienced workforce, online inventory management and customized supply chain solutions. Our mulit-client public warehouse facilities offer flexible space that allow companies to expand and contract their inventory based on demand rather than paying for unused space. We also offer cross dock service.

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