Chattem Inc. has utilized Tranco Logistics warehousing services since 2001. Bruce and Byron Trantham have operated their Logistics business with a high level of professionalism and partnered with Chattem Inc to meet every challenge over the years with excellent service. They have maintained the level service as their company has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Within the last few months, Chattem Inc added the use of Tranco Logistics Transportation services to the partnership with excellent results.
– Larry Garner,Distribution Manager of Chattem, Inc

Considering the high service level demanded by the automotive industry, no company can afford to embrace to become a OEM partner without a solid strategy, a strong structure and an overall project detailed preparation. In face of opportunity, Tranco invested to become a Volkswagen partner…. Last July 2014, once the project was launched, it was finally possible to see the result of such accurate preparation and investment being perfectly executed. An outstanding and irrepressible launch is the highest testimony that a small local business can definitely achieve the highest performance levels.

– Paulo Monteiro, Inbound Logistics Manager, Volkswagen Group of America

We have been associated with Bruce and Byron Trantham for many years, and find them to be two of the most dedicated, hardworking entrepreneurs that we have ever encountered. They have exhibited many admirable qualities which infiltrate Tranco. One of those qualities is that they are both candid and honest with their suppliers, and work closely with them to achieve a winning result for all involved. They are also eager and willing to learn, and utilize their strong vendor relationships to gain knowledge and advice.

– Darel Dyer, General Manager, Freightliner of Chattanooga

Tranco has partnered with the Cherokee Area Council, Boy Scouts of America for over 10 years. During that time they have contributed over $16,000 to help ensure that just over 4,500 youth in the greater Chattanooga Area have funding for the Scouting Program… Tranco handles all the logistics of our Popcorn product fundraiser. This is the largest fundraisers of our year and is instrumental in raising funds for our Units and Council.

– Natalie McMasters, Field Director, Cherokee Area Council, BSA

For three years now, Tranco has donated warehouse space to Precept Ministries… Not only does Tranco allow us to store items, but they also receive shipments from around the U.S., keep us informed of incoming shipments and keep everything organized and safely stored. When it’s time for us to prepare shipments, they provide the manpower to move everything into place for efficient sorting and packing. They welcome our volunteer packers into their warehouse, even when it’s during Tranco’s off-hours… They go above and beyond to provide everything we need. It’s a pleasure and privilege to work with Tranco Logistics.

– David Arthur, Chief Executive Officer, Precept Ministries International